In the ceramics workshop, members of Beit Elisha produce unique, high-quality, and usable items, such as bowls, saucers, flowerpots, trivets, plates, mugs, Passover dishes, and other clay products.


The workshop allows members to try different types of pottery-making, develop a work ethic, and practice team work, responsibility, and authority. It is also an arena for the full expression of members’ creativity and talents.


Working with clay and water and the kneading actions of the soft material are relaxing and calming. Dishes are created using simple molds, which allow the maintenance of form for each creation. At the same time, each piece has its own unique character, since each community member adds to the creative process his or her talents and inner spirit.


The ceramics workshop and Kamah gallery café, run by the Beit Elisha members in Harduf, are interrelated. Pottery from the workshop is sold in the coffee shop gallery, and the workshop creates tailor-made ceramics for the café as well.


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