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Many volunteers, from Israel and abroad, contribute to the work of the Kamah Association, including young people carrying out a service year or National Service, students, and host families. We see our volunteers as a great asset, and do all we can to make them feel part of the extended family of the Kamah Association and Kibbutz Harduf.

For more information about volunteering with us, contact us at +972-4-9058730.


Volunteers from abroad

Every year, young volunteers from abroad come to Beit Elisha, some of them as part of the Service Year program. The international volunteers live on Kibbutz Harduf and work with the Beit Elisha members in the workshops and the home environment. The volunteers receive both individual and group support, and enjoy a new cultural experience and in-depth therapeutic work.


Service Year Program and National Service

Each year, about 20 high school graduates come to Harduf for a year of pre-army volunteer service or as part of their National Service. They live as a communal group in Harduf, work in both Beit Elisha and Beit Tuvia, and maintain an independent social life for their group. These young people are an integral part of the Kamah staff, and regularly participate in staff meetings.

The Service Year volunteers serve as "big brothers and sisters" to the teens in the Beit Tuvia community. With the assistance of the professional staff, they serve as part-time counselors, help out with school work, initiate cultural activities, accompany children to leisure activities, and assist with house chores.


In Beit Elisha, these volunteers are involved in all spheres of the members’ lives: assisting residents in the home, working with them in workshops, and participating in leisure and cultural activities.

During their time on Harduf, the service year and National Service volunteers enjoy a regular weekly study day, including lectures and meetings with education and therapy professionals, personal counseling sessions, and group discussions designed to help clarify various issues and challenges. In addition, each volunteer is assigned a personal supervisor from the association staff.


Mentors and Assistants in Beit Tuvia

The mentors and assistants are adult volunteers from Harduf and the region who donate their time and effort to serve as personal coaches for Beit Tuvia during after-school hours, or who provide individual study assistance to students who need it. Volunteers work with the teens up to several hours a week. They are in constant contact with the house-parents and social workers and serve as part of the children’s overall support system.


Student Interns

Other volunteers of the Kamah Association include social work and special education students who want to work at Beit Tuvia as part of their practical internship in social work, psychosocial therapy, art therapy, or play therapy. Volunteers are mentored by the therapeutic staff in the community and are integrated into the curative program.

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