The Kamah Association operates with the assistance and support of the Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs. However, many programs and therapeutic initiatives are not included in the government's support to the association. As a result, we are constantly seeking additional partners to help advance our cause.


All contributions allow us to continue to support the members of our community.


Kamah Association is authorized to receive donations by the Israeli IRS under section 46.


Contributions can be made to Kamah in several ways:


Checks sent to us by mail:
The Kamah Association –Curative Community at Harduf,  Kibbutz Harduf, M.P Hamovil, 1793000, Israel


Bank transfer details (Kamah):
Bank Otzar HaHayal, Haifa Bay Branch No. 362


Account numbers:
317198: Kamah Association - Beit Tuvia
312951: Kamah Association - Beit Elisha


Bank transfer details – House on the Gilboa
Bank HaPoalim, Shfar’am Branch No. 731, Account No. 283694, Kamah Association - House on the Gilboa


American donors who wish to donate to Kamah can send their gifts to the P.E.F Israel Endowment Fund INC., which is a non for profit organization that gives services to Israeli Non for Profit organizations.


Please write a check to P.E.F Israel Endowment Fund Inc. and add that the check is for the benefit of Kamah – Curative Community at Kibbutz Harduf.

The PEF will issue a receipt to the donor, which is tax deductible in the US.

The PEF will than transfer the funds to Kamah within 21 days.

PEF does not charge any commission for this service.


When Kamah accepts the funds, we issue a receipt to PEF and a thank you note to the donor.


PEF Israel Endowment Fund Inc.

630 Third Avenue, 15th floor

New York, NY 10017-6745



Tel: 212-599 1260

Fax: 212-599-5981


Thank you for your support!

Contact us:

Tel: 972.4.9058730

Fax: 972.4.9059364



Kibbutz Harduf, M.P. Hamovil, 1793000, Israel

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