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Beit Achiya –

A Deployment of the Model outside of Harduf

located in the lush pastoral setting of Kibbutz Ein Hanatziv in the Emek HaMayanot Valley, Beit Achiya is a home for 10 young religiously observant men on the autism spectrum.

Beit Achiya was established in order to enable its members to lead independent lives,

each according to their abilities, with full integration into the kibbutz community life, employment, study and leisure. In addition, an extensive range of cultural and educational enrichment activities and classes are available to the men in the afternoon and evening.

Our vision is to create a community where people with special needs are fully integrated into the normative community's life. The reality of living together – people with special needs next to members of the normative community including children, youth and adults of all ages and occupations – creates a tapestry of mutual acceptance and giving. The overall community accepts and embraces its special residents, integrating them into all fabrics of community life – events, festivals, daily gatherings, children and youth activities, and more.

Beit Achiya operates with the full supervision and assistance of the Kamah Association in Harduf, based on the Beit Elisha curative community model.


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