Bakery and Kitchen

The Kamah central kitchen serves the Beit Elisha and Beit Tuvia communities, the association staff, and the diners at the Kamah Gallery Café.

The food prepared in the kitchen is produced very carefully and thoughtfully. Most of the ingredients used in the kitchen are organic, including seasonal vegetable crops from Beit Elisha's organic plots.


The Kamah bakery produces all of the bread supply for the Beit Elisha and Beit Tuvia communities. It also makes a variety of baked goods and delicacies sold at the coffee shop and to the general public, including yeast cakes, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, fruitcakes, and a wide variety of cookies, granola, crackers and more.

Recently the bakery has also begun preparing homemade ice cream for the coffee shop, as well as sugar-free cookies and gluten-free breads. The breads and pastries use high-quality ingredients and are pleasing to both the eye and the palate.


Members working in the kitchen and bakery receive professional training in various culinary skills. The work is suited for members of varying abilities who can perform intensive physical work and operate on a tight schedule.


A Hebrew-language article about the Kamah bakery appeared in the Derech HaOchel food magazine from September 2014.


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