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Staff Teamwork in the Curative Community

For the curative educator and social therapist, the community is more than just a workplace; it represents a true mission and a pathway to self-development. The educator's work on developing empathy, self-criticism, a sense of aesthetics, and artistic abilities, begins during his or her studies and continues into professional life. The entire staff supports the educator in this task.

Teamwork is, therefore, a basic and necessary element in the curative educational approach. The entire staff of those who specialize in various spheres works together to build up a joint, comprehensive, deep picture of the student, the source of any problems, and the recommended way to enable the student to grow and develop. Very often staff members try to learn about an issue together and ask questions referring to some sphere or another, while in other cases they engage in joint art activities, such as performing or mounting a short musical production for children and adult members of the community. In administration areas as well, the staff strives to avoid a rigid hierarchical structure, but instead has various members take positions of responsibility for specific periods of time.

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