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Chaya Miller, Chief Executive Officer of the Kamah Association: A resident of Kibbutz Harduf, mother for three. Chaya is a clinical psychologist with an M.A. from the University of Haifa. Over the years, she has served as a counselor and house mother at Beit Tuvia. In 2014, she returned to Beit Tuvia as the community manager and become Kamah's Chief Exacutive at May 2022

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Limor Nagar Karni, Manager of the Beit Elisha Community: a resident of Kibbutz Harduf. mother for three.

holds a BA in art and teaching from the University of Haifa. Limor works at Beit Elisha since 1995. during that time she has held many positions. As a therapist and painting teacher she was responsible for the  entire set of therapies. Limor has been running Beit Elisha since May 2019.


Itay Levy, Manager of the Beit Tuvia Community: A resident of Kibbutz Harduf, 

holds a master degree in clinical criminology, worked in various organizations that treat at-risk youth.

Coordinated the informal education in Harduf.

Joined Beit Tuvia as the community manager at May 2022. 

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