Weaving is an art form and handicraft that is slowly vanishing from our world. In the weaving workshop, Beit Elisha members use professional looms to produce handmade items such as scarves, blankets, rugs, tablecloths, trivets, and more. High-quality natural or recycled materials are used, such as cotton, flax, wool, nettles, old sheets, and more.


The process, like the result, is beautiful and harmonious. The traditional craft, carried out through a series of repetitive, clear, and well-organized actions, creates balance and calm, providing workshop members a sense of satisfaction for completing a high-quality, useful product.


The workshop provides work for those Beit Elisha members who need a quiet working environment, enjoy handicrafts, have a sense of aesthetics, and fine motor skills. The work requires patience and concentration, and special attention is given to selecting the weaving materials to match the needs and emotional state of the weavers.


As part of the workshop, community members meet with craftsmen who work in the field, from different population sectors and cultures, and experience a sense of inspiration and belonging.


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