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Creative Activities

The Beat Elisha Band

Community members who study music and are musically inclined are members of a rock band. Musicians play instruments such as guitar, drums, flute, harmonica, keyboards, and vocals. A house father, who is also a member of the therapeutic staff in Beit Elisha, established and manages the band. The group plays cover versions of various bands and singers, and appears in Harduf and other places around the country. Some of the performances feature guest musicians from the older and younger residents of the kibbutz.


About Us – the Beit Elisha newspaper

The staff members of the newspaper are all residents of Beit Elisha. The paper is managed and edited by a member of the therapeutic staff, who has his Master's Degree in political science,  who also initiated the establishment of the newspaper. The paper’s staff decides what topics to cover, and they conduct interviews and write and edit articles. Staff members studied composition, editing, and selected communications topics, such as the media during elections and the media during wartime. 

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