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The Joseph and Christina Kasierer Kamah Center

The Joseph and Christina Kasierer Kamah Center for curative communities was established and developed in the years 2005-2010.  The center organizes and provides services to all the employment-related, therapeutic, and cultural activities of the members of Kamah communities, and houses the organization's offices.

Located in the heart of Kibbutz Harduf, the Kamah Center includes two buildings connected by an inner courtyard. The complex was constructed using environmentally friendly construction methods, and the members of the Kamah communities are in charge of the center’s garden, which meshes harmoniously with the surrounding nature of the Galilee.

The Kamah Center is home to several rooms and halls where community members learn and participate in various areas of employment and handicrafts that have curative qualities. These include the manufacture of recycled paper products; handmade items created using various techniques; working in the central kitchen that provides food to the Kamah communities and employs Beit Elisha members; a multi-purpose hall; a ceremonies room; and the coffee shop and Gallery where locally-made products are being sold. In addition, the center also houses a learning center that serves the students of Beit Tuvia in the afternoon hours, and treatment rooms for social workers and art therapists. 






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