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Beit Tuvia

Established in 1993, the Beit Tuvia therapeutic dormitory is a warm and rehabilitative home for children and youth from throughout Israel defined by the social services system as requiring out-of-home care and who were removed from their families.

Beit Tuvia uses a holistic approach that focuses on the whole personality of the children and their healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual development. The children gain a sense of belonging, family, and community, and a unique educational continuum from kindergarten through the end of their studies.

Beit Tuvia is overseen by the Child and Youth Services Division of the Ministry of Social Affairs. About 70 students between the ages of 6-18 from around the country live in and attend the institution. Beit Tuvia receives children who were removed from their homes due to negligence and emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, including children with mental, behavioral, and cognitive difficulties. Beit Tuvia offers a high-quality, comprehensive rehabilitative program. We emphasize several aspects of the rehabilitation process, including the creation of a supportive home environment, a wealth of therapies, artistic activities, learning support, pre-vocational training, and an active cultivation of creative and entrepreneurial talents.

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