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Host Families

A host family is a family willing to host in their home one of the children of Beit Tuvia who either lack a biological family or whose family is unable to care for them and provide for their needs. Children go "home" to their host families every third weekend, on Jewish holidays, and during school vacations.

Host families provide a warm, loving, and supportive place for the children and serve as a living model of a successful, healthy family unit. For their part, the family benefits from a unique family experience and opportunities for new challenges and growth.

Host families are varied. Some have two parents at home, while others are single-parent families. Their biological children are of different ages, and they are of religious, traditional, secular, and other backgrounds. The host families are selected carefully. They need to have experience raising children, stable employment and living quarters, and the physical conditions at home that allow them to host another child. In addition, all family members must agree to become a host family and participate in the joint responsibility. Desired skills include the ability to cope with conflict and uncertainty, the capacity to set and maintain parenting limits, together with flexibility, openness, and the ability to give.

A Kamah staff member or professional who knows the teen works closely with the host family through the entire hosting period—from the initial assessment and encounter with the child and through the entire time the teen is hosted regularly by the family. 

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