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Studies, Enrichment, and Emotional Support

Most of the Beit Tuvia students learn in special education classrooms. Some of these classes are those integrated into the magnet school operating in Harduf that deploys the Waldorf educational approach, which is marked by a unique method that emphasizes experiential and artistic learning. Most of the day, the Beit Tuvia students study in small classes that suit their special needs. However, for cultural and artistic activities, which are a large part of the Waldorf approach, the students join in with the rest of the school’s students. Some Beit Tuvia children study at other schools in the region, based on what they require for their own specific needs.

In 2007, we inaugurated the Beit Tuvia Learning Center. Located in the Kamah Center, the community center of the Kamah Association, the Learning Center includes a study area, computer workstations, and a library.

Learning Center activities take place in the afternoons and evenings. Students receive help with their studies, and assistance with their homework, writing papers, and preparing for exams. Special emphasis is placed on helping high school students prepare for their matriculation exams. In addition, the Learning Center also organizes tutoring sessions provided by professional teachers, remedial instructors, and volunteers, in small groups or one-on-one instruction. Organized by age, these sessions are fully integrated with events at school and in complete and ongoing coordination with school teachers and administration. Since the establishment of the Learning Center, there has been a clear improvement in the educational environment in the Beit Tuvia dormitory, corroborated by the classroom teachers as well. The small groups and pleasant, enabling physical space create a positive learning environment that helps the students focus on their studies. We’ve seen great success with the teenage group as well, who are now all taking matriculation exams, for either a full or partial matriculation certificate. For interested students, Beit Tuvia offers a post-high school year program in which students can complete their secondary education.

Many of the Beit Tuvia students play musical instruments and participate in sports, handicrafts, and practical arts classes.

The Learning Center is run by a coordinator who maintains constant contact with the different schools and teachers.


Therapies and Treatments

A range of therapeutic care is provided to Beit Tuvia students, including aromatic oil treatments, therapeutic horseback riding, art therapy, movement therapy, play therapy, and drama therapy. As required, homeopathic medicines are also used. The dormitory also uses the services of the Kibbutz Harduf infirmary, which can provide physician’s consultations, nurse’s visits, and care by a psychologist, psychiatrist, and social worker. Each child has a personal treatment plan, designed according to his or her specific needs.

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