Board of Directors

The Kamah Association is led by a board of lay leaders. The board meets approximately five times a year. Its members are extremely involved in all matters of the association, and in their public roles they focus on supervising and maintaining the orderly economic and legal operations of the Kamah Association. 

Zeev Ritz, Association Chairman: A resident of Hoshaaya, an electronics engineer by peofession, a project manager at Rafael with                  a rich past of managing high-tech enterprises and organization in Israel.   

Prof. Israel Doron: A resident of Gilon in the Western Galilee, Israel is a legal expert and senior lecturer at the University of Haifa on civil rights and underprivileged populations. 

Liora Pinski: A resident of Alon Alon Hagalil, a teacher and educator at the Rogozin High School in Migdal HaEmek, is a social and cultural activist in various projects in Emek.

Rami Nisan: resident of Ramat Yishai, an experienced organizational consultant and a co-executive director of 'Sgoolot'.  

holds a BA in Education and Sociology and Master's degree in Social Science.

Itay Levi: A member of Kibbutz Harduf,  holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Ceraminology, Worked with youth at risk in several organizations and coordinated informal education in Harduf.

Limor Regev: A resident of Nahalal, holds a master's degree in management and public policy from the University of Haifa.  An activist and social entrepreneur in the public field, businesses mentor in the  epreneurship and philanthropy. Member of the board of directors of the Mishlev Nursing Home in Afula and the U-Turn Association for the Integration of Released Prisoners in sociaty.

Yhudit Mendelbom: A resident of Hoshaya, drama therapist instructor and counselor with a master's degree in therapy. Specializes in working with populations at risk and exclusion

Adv. Halit Heler, Internal Auditor:  Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and Business Administration (B.A), Member of the Chamber of Internal Auditors. Has professional experience in internal auditing in public and private bodies.

Leon Smith, Association Accountant: Leon works for the Brit Pikuach accounting firm.

Auditing Committee:

Professor Gil Bar-Sela, director of oncological and Hematology at Emek Medical Center in Afula  

Gonen Hochberg, a teacher and educator at the Harduf waldorf High School.