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The Kamah Association in Kibbutz Harduf presents a unique model for social change. This approach proposes the full integration of people with special needs in a rural community.


The Kamah model as a curative community is based on the philosophy of Anthroposophy and the principle of nurturing the healthy core in every person, while integrating and accepting those different from oneself in the tapestry of social and community life.


Kamah provides a rehabilitative, strengthening, and therapeutic home for adults with special needs and for at-risk children and teens. This allows the healthy community in which they live to experience giving, tolerance, and development, while creatively confronting the ever-changing challenges and conditions.


More about the Kamah Association

The Kamah Association


Horseback Riding Stables

Organic Vegetable Garden

Paper Workshop

Bakery and Kitchen

Practical Crafts -

Hand Weaving

Practical Crafts - Ceramics

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